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I’ve had bad feelings about Amazon for awhile and it has been steadily growing. Sure, they have almost anything we could ever need to buy, free two-day shipping with a Prime membership, and usually their prices are lower or low enough to justify using them. However, recently, things have gotten worse and I can no longer justify the savings for the cost in the greater scheme of things.

For this reason, we will no longer be using affiliate links to, no longer shopping at, and no longer recommending others to shop there as well.

It began a few months ago. I had read first hand accounts of people who worked at an Amazon warehouse for a few months before Christmas to handle the increased demand during that time of year. The conditions sounded appalling. People are expected to work ten hours a day on their feet, be constantly moving, getting reprimanded for having to use the bathroom, having to spend 66% of their given breaks walking to and from the break area. People being physically broken from long, hard work, and getting paid barely anything to do it all.

Then its come out recently how incredibly much Jeff Bezos makes in one day, and how he gives nothing to anyone to benefit others or even pay his own workers a living wage. Bezos talks about the great working environment at Amazon, and yet we, as tax payers, subsidize the company through government assistance programs because the company can’t be bothered to actually pay its employees enough to live on. They make billions, and it all goes to those at tops while the people at the bottom make little, do all the actual physical work, and get nothing in return.

And then a few months ago, I had an issue with something I had sold on Amazon. I had sold a working unit, everything was fine, but Amazon was telling me the customer was complaining that it wasn’t working right and wanted me t take it back, refund the money, pay for shipping, and eat the cost. I combed through their site, found their rules stating when the end of the term to return something for not working was. I told Amazon this, they refused to budge. It wasn’t until I took a screenshot and sent it to them from their site, showing their policy and that I was right that they finally went back and granted that I was correct. I dealt with that for about two weeks, two very stressful weeks. But I was right, I knew I was right, and I had proof I was right. It should not take a seller to have to prove to a company what their own policy is. They should know their policies and they should follow their policies.

And now, we are dealing with a return. Tiffany sent something back. UPS scanned it and says they have it in hand. Amazon updated their information agreeing with this. Then the very next day, they are now saying that it was never scanned and they never said it was scanned. This is despite their own website,, and the fact that the manager here SAW the UPS driver scan it and pick it up, all agreeing that it is in the hands of UPS and on its way back to Amazon.

Will we get that money back? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it is going to be easy. For a company that used to pride itself on customer service and satisfaction, Amazon has really taken a downward turn and become yet another greedy, screw-you-you-need-us company that frankly, we no longer need.

I had already been moving away from Amazon. I found things on that were cheaper, but I hate shopping at Walmart as well. So then I moved to Some things are more expensive, but many things are cheaper as well. And more importantly, shopping at Target doesn’t make me feel dirty.

We will also have to order things from more sites and not the one-stop-shop that Amazon has become. For computer parts, I’ll go to For RV items, there are other online stores out there as well. Clothing we can get at as well. If we can’t get food online, we’ll get a ride to the store. We have no reason to depend on Amazon anymore and in the long run, I’d rather support smaller stores that I trust not to screw us over, that actually pay their employees respectable wages, and that do things to help the community instead of solely those at the top.

I am sick of giving money to companies that just accumulate wealth and grow arrogant in their ability to provide what we need. There are small businesses out there that have better customer service, better products, items you can’t find at the big stores, and those are the people we should be supporting.

I’m going to remove all Amazon affiliate links in the next few days. Its not like we made money off them anyway.

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