Nature’s Head Composting Toilet GoFundMe

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet GoFundMe

I hate to ask for help, but sometimes we need it. I’ve set up a Nature’s Head Comporting Toilet GoFundMe to help us raise money to replace our water toilet with a composting one. Our black tank is currently barely draining. Its clogged and full of thirty years of buildup and no one seems to be able or want to help us.

We’ve gone through chemicals and enzymes, tried a backflush, we don’t use toilet paper down the toilet, and yet, its clogged bad. It hasn’t drained completely since we bought it a year ago, and I’ve run out of options.

It would cost at least $1200 to replace the black tank and all the RV techs I’ve talked to have said there probably is no way to break up the buildup and it would need to be replaced. Well, with other bills to pay and other things to fix, we obviously don’t have $1200 to replace the black tank. So instead, I started looking at composting toilets.

We had a neighbor at a previous campground tell us about and show us her Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. She had it installed awhile ago and loves it. I reached out to the company to possible get one for a review and sponsorship, but haven’t heard back from them yet. If I can get one, I can do the replacement myself, its not that hard. I just need to get the $960 to buy one off Amazon and do the work.

If you can help, please, any amount is appreciated. We are at our wits end and just need to be able to use our bathroom again. That’s all I’m asking for. Nothing major, just a little help to be able to do something we do every day, several times a day.

Please share and like this post, comment away. Post on Facebook or Twitter, whatever you can to help us.


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