Where’s the updates?

Where’s the updates?

Okay, I’ll admit, its been a couple of weeks since I posted a new article or update. After my health issues suffered, I was forced to take a break from things and slow down. I have to work on things on the roof, and since I was worried about losing consciousness and falling off the roof, I have not gone up there in awhile.

Hopefully that all can change tomorrow. I’m feeling better and have not had any issues since I was in the hospital, so I want to get back to working on the blogs and projects in here again. It is going to take awhile to get everything finished, but I’m working on getting back on track.

Tomorrow, I will be working on our deck and site as well as starting the roof project.

For our site, I am going to be lifting up the deck so I can put some pavers under the corners and spaced on the edges and lift it up off the ground. I hope that will prevent more rot and decay from sitting in the wet soil. I also want to rearrange our pots, make it both look better and make a sort of passive aggressive fence. People have a tendency to walk through our site here, and while we are fine with them walking on the other side of the trees between our site and the next, when they walk between the trees, it just feels a little too close for comfort. We can’t put a fence up around our site, but we can make a psychological barrier and put the idea in people’s minds that they are getting too close and invading our personal space.

Up on the roof, I want to start the Tropi-cool sealant. I can’t quite do it all right away, but I can do it some smaller target areas and see how well it adheres to the surfaces up there. We have Eternabond in some areas, aluminum in others, and fiberglass on the front cap. We also have a small leak somewhere, though I have no idea where. I hope to go up there tomorrow and see what it looks like and patch that up. Hopefully it is obvious where it is leaking and something has come loose so it is easy to repair and cover with sealant.

I also have to rebuild the dam for the water flow from the air conditioner. I had made one, but when I put it down, I had to do it while it was partially wet so it did not set as well as I had hoped. If I do it now, when we are not using the air conditioner and there is no rain, it can set completely and direct the condensation in the direction I want. I can hopefully figure out why the air conditioner is leaking inside while I am up there as well.

I also have a tank clog to deal with. I think we have a mass of toilet paper clogging the tank again, so I need to back flush it and hopefully break it loose and allow it to pass out of the black tank. Then we can get back to using the toilet like normal again and not put any paper down the toilet so this does not happen again.

Then I have some sensors to put on the tanks. It shouldn’t be too hard since I think I can use the old tank wires to run to the new sensors and display, but I still need wire nuts and electrical tape to secure it. Then we will know how full our tanks are at any given time. It even has a Bluetooth alarm so we can be notified when it is getting too full and needs to be drained. Of course, I could do that before I try to clean it so I know if it is getting too full when backflushing, which would make it easier to do by myself.

The last thing to do then is finish the roof. I want to install a Fan-tastic RV Vent to pull hot air out on days when it is warm, but not hot enough to require running the air conditioner. They cheap ones are roughly $100, so we should be able to afford that before summer hits and get it installed. When that is all done, along with two other vents, then we can seal the roof completely, but I will doing the majority of the roof before those are in anyway. I just won’t go right up to the vents, but keep enough leftover to cover their edges when they are put in place.

And the final thing, and this is a big one: I plan to use our tax refund to get a water heater finally. We have not had hot water since we moved in. Since we use the showers at the campground, this hasn’t been too big of an issue, but washing dishes with cold water is not ideal. The same with laundry. If we can replace that, then we will be set for a good while.

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