Hughes Autoformer Voltage Booster Review

Hughes Autoformer Voltage Booster Review

I received a Voltage Booster from Hughes Autoformers for review.

In the most basic sense, the voltage booster senses when the voltage of the campground is getting low, and while keeping the watts the same, lowers the amps and increases the voltage to keep your individual RV running without problems. Since low voltage can be a big problem for electronics, it protects those devices and prevents losing power when your neighbors may have issues.

Low voltage can be a big problem in RV parks, especially at times when a lot of people are running their air conditioners at once. As the overall amps are increased to run all those A/Cs, the voltage drops (since watts should be staying the same). Then, in your RV with a lower voltage, electronics pull more amps, which can damage and ruin them.

The voltage booster corrects this problem by keeping the voltage at a consistent level so your RV remains safe.

The Voltage Booster

The device itself is a grey metal box with a power cord coming out one end, a power outlet on the other side, and some lights to indicate what it is doing. That’s it. Pretty simple and easy to set up. All you have to do is plug in the box, then plug in your RV to it, and flip the breaker on the power box to turn it all on.

If you also have a Hughes Watchdog EMS, it goes after the Voltage Booster. So it would go Power Box > Voltage Booster > Watchdog > RV. That way the Watchdog still monitors everything and will still stop surges or high or low voltage, but the Voltage Booster will balance things out before low voltage becomes a problem.

With the Voltage Booster installed, we have not lost power because of low voltage. It has been running reliably for about two weeks now, and the voltage has never dropped so low that the Watchdog had to shut it off to protect our RV. With the help of the RV Whisper, I’ve been able to monitor the power situation with history to see that it has been within normal limits the whole time.

A Voltage Booster is something you may never need, or you may need it a lot and not even know it’s an issue. It is an insurance policy to protect things in your RV and you only need it once to keep things safe. While you may have issues with low voltage, without some way to monitor it, you could be ruining electronics in your RV and having no idea what the cause is. The Hughes Autoformers Voltage Booster is an easy way to protect your RV from damage and reduce future costs from replacing items that could have been prevented.

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