Support from Friends and Family

Support from Friends and Family

We have told most of our family that we are planning on moving into an RV when our lease is up in July, and many of our friends know as well. For the most part, people have been very supportive. I have some income with my disability, but we are also planning on building up our YouTube and Facebook presence so we can make some money that way. It will still be tight, and we won’t be able to spend a lot of money on frivolous things, but we will be able to afford food, gas, insurance, communication, and medications without problem.

But as I said, our families have been supportive for the most part. My mother has said to make sure we can afford it if anything goes wrong, but she hasn’t outright said it is a bad idea. She worries we will be stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no money and a broken RV and have to figure out some way to survive. I know it sounds bleak, but she is looking out for us. I haven’t told my dad yet, but we are going to see him tomorrow so we will let him know then.

Our friends though, seem excited. Almost all of them have said its a great idea and we should go for it. We have friends across the country, and many of them have said we can come stay near them and hang out for a few days. This includes people I’ve never met in person, but know only online and have known and communicated with for years, so I’m not concerned about them being problems. We have friends in the southwest and northeast, and family in Wisconsin and Florida, so we’ve got three out of four corners of the country covered. We do have to find somewhere to go in the northwest though, but with the boondocking network out there, we can meet new people and find new places to stay.

We have not set out our initial plans yet though. We will probably set sails for Florida and visit our family and friends there, then head north to North Carolina where I have family, and then who knows? We should have friends around Boston by then that have already invited us to stay with them, so that may be a destination before winter arrives. By next winter though, we want to be in the southwest for Christmas. Both of us have family in the area so we should be able to find somewhere to stay for a few days or a week or two. Or we might just wander. Who knows.

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