New Campground

New Campground

We arrived to the Thousand Trails Plymouth Rock campground on Monday evening. I decided to sign up for Thousand Trails, and I’m not regretting it yet. We pay about $45 a month and can stay for up to two weeks at one campground, after which we have to stay somewhere else for 7 days, then we can come back to a Thousand Trails campground. So, two weeks on, one week off, everything included, all for $45 a month. Seems like a good deal. I think it is meant for people who buy the package and stay a couple of weekends a year at a campground, not for full timers like us. I’ll take advantage of it though.

Monday was simple, the person who took my info over the phone forgot to enter the length of our RV, so we had to find a different one that accommodated us, but once we found one, we parked, hooked up electric, and retired for the night. Its just under an hour from where we were staying, but its worlds of difference as far as amenities are concerned. There are three pools, hot tubs, volleyball and basketball, a store, laundry, and playgrounds for the kids. Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful, but Thursday brought some excitement.

I knew the weekend would be busier, but I didn’t expect them to all show up on Thursday evening. There are probably four times as many RVs here now than there were this morning. The people in the spot next to us parked a car in our site. I waited for them to leave, and they still haven’t returned. They finally moved their car, but I have a feeling they don’t understand they were on our site and parked on top of our fire pit. If they didn’t care, I’ll have to talk to them tomorrow. It all depends on where they park when they come back tonight.

The other problem was a blatant rule breaking. It explicitly states in the rules that you are not allowed to wash your RV in the campground. I’m not always good with rules, but I’m fairly certain that means you aren’t allowed to wash your RV in the campground. I could be wrong, but it seemed straightforward.

Why is this an issue? Because the guy that parked his RV across the road from us immediately started washing his RV as soon as he got here. I was a bit annoyed, not just because he was ignoring the rules, but because I now have to wonder what other rules he’ll ignore. I could have said something but chose not to. He has three young girls with him, I assume his kids, so I didn’t want to call him out in front of them, but if he turns into one of those people who gets drunk and makes a ruckus, I may have to. I only say the drunk part because as soon as he parked, he was outside drinking beer. Not a horrible thing I admit, but not a good sign either. They left in an SUV though and haven’t returned, but I didn’t see who drove away.

We had very few neighbors at the last RV park, so we aren’t used to this. There are so many people here, people with dogs barking, everyone has a fire pit lit, kids running around yelling, and cranky old Eric getting annoyed at it all. I know I’ll have to adjust, so this weekend could be hard, but if I can make it to Monday without yelling at anyone, I should be good.

Other than that, things have been good. Still haven’t gotten the water issue solved, but I’m hoping I can figure that out soon. I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious. All signs say it should be working, and yet, its not. I may try hooking it up to water tomorrow on the lowest flow and see if that water comes through. I also think the water tank is leaking a little, so that might have to be replaced anyway. Not a huge expense, but an necessary one. If I can’t get the water to work before we head to Florida, then I will order a new water heater and have it sent to Florida so it is there when we arrive. Its an easy fix to replace it, I know I can do that, so it should be fine.

That’s about it for now, please check out our new video where we discovered why Rain wasn’t feeling well, like and subscribe to our videos. We’ll be getting more out soon. Thanks!

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