On our way

On our way

We are on the road officially now. We left this morning from my dad’s house and went get the cats their updated vaccines, then began heading south. We took the roundabout way of getting south though. We put about 160 miles on today alone, and ended up in Janesville, WI.

One very important thing I learned that we will better tomorrow: Gotta stop everywhere. If we want to improve our YouTube channel and get more followers, then we need to get out and go to places that people would like to see.

We drove through Horicon Marsh, drove right past the visitor’s center and look out points. Drove past a Indian Mound park, drove past a small heritage site. We should have stopped, there’s no reason not to. We have to adjust ourselves to this new lifestyle though and do things other than drive. If we were doing this to get to places, we’d be there already.

But we aren’t. We are doing this to go places and find things along the way. The destination may be important, but every place along the way that we can stop at needs to be visited as well.

Tomorrow is a new day, we’ll like cross the border into Illinois, but I’m not sure if we’ll go west or south. We have until the 11th to get to our next campground, so that gives us 8 more travel days. We have about 300 more miles to go, we did about a third of our travel in one day. We have to stop doing that though. At the least, we have 7 days of travel from one campground to the next. We can’t just sit in our RV the whole time driving in circles, so we have to find those little off-the-road places, go through them, make videos, and let everyone else join in our adventure.

Tomorrow? Not sure what the plan is, but we’ll find something. We’ve avoided major highways the whole way so far and will keep doing that.

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