Post-Labor Day

Post-Labor Day

We will be at our current campground for two weeks now. We decided to change and just stick it out here. Its not a bad campground, but the bathrooms could definitely use a thorough cleaning. There aren’t many campers here, but a lot RVs sitting. I assume many people rent for the month and come here on the weekend.

There is supposed to be a “bear cave” here at Bear Cave Campground, so maybe tomorrow we can go out and see that. Today was mostly about getting things done. We left for the nearest town to pick up medications and fill the gas tank, but we shouldn’t be moving at all over the next two weeks, assuming our food stores hold. We refilled on ground venison when we left Wisconsin, so we may be getting creative with that for meals. We haven’t found camp fire wood yet, but I assume the store has some. We just have to be in the campground when its open so we can get some.

I’ve been thinking more about our situation with the RV. I was upset yesterday, but after driving a little bit, its not so bad. I would like something more mobile, but that can wait. Maybe we can get a moped or something to go around areas we are camped at to get my photography done. I’m not sure how I’ll turn that into a profit, but I’m not really doing it to make money.

For our other endeavors, I have to start working on my game more. Motivation has been a problem with me. I get the itch to work on it and do nothing else for a few weeks, then motivations wanes and I don’t touch it. I’ve got help with it now though, so hopefully I can continue to develop it. I just have to keep going on it. More on that project cane be found at

That’s it for now. Tiffany got a lot of cleaning and sorting done, while I did a little but mostly took things to the trash. It looks better in here already, hopefully soon we’ll have everything put away and where it needs to go, then we can start enjoying ourselves more.

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