Easiest Soup Recipe Ever

Easiest Soup Recipe Ever

While living on the road, we frequently make our own meals. In fact, we haven’t eaten in a restaurant in almost two months. We go to the grocery store about three times a month to restock, but much of the time, we end up being creative with whatever we have on hand. And that is what I bring you now, the easiest soup recipe ever.

I’ve been known to get creative with limited food supplies, and this is one of those very minimalist recipes and something that can be made in a few minutes, left in the crock pot, and enjoyed later. Also note that this is not a vegetarian recipe, but it could be easily customized to be one.


  • Two cans of beans. The type is up to you. I usually use black beans and black eyed peas, but other beans work as well.
  • One can of cream of mushroom soup. Or cream of celery. Or golden mushroom. Its really up to you. Do not add a can of water like you would normally do with cans of soup.
  • Some sort of pork product. I like bacon ends if you can get them from a butcher. Also good is straight up ham,
    Spam works as well. Cut bacon strips can work, but cut them up. 1/4″ cubes is a good size.
  • Broth. I usually use vegetable broth, but beef or chicken works as well.
  • That’s it, there are no other ingredients.

Now, drain the beans, dump them in the crock pot. Add the meat and soup and stir it up good. Then pour in some broth. How much you pour in is really up to you. I don’t use much though, just enough to see it filling up the crock pot. As the other ingredients cook, they will lose some moisture and the creamy soup will thin.

Leave that in the crock pot on high until the meat is cooked. By that time, the beans will be softer, the flavors will have blended, and it will all be delicious.

For some alternatives:

Tofu could work, but I’ve never tried it. Stew cut beef is good too. Chicken might work, I’ve never tried it. To make it a bit creamier, add some whole cream, but not a lot. Cheese can be added too, but do that at the end or when serving. Really, that’s all there is to it.

We made some today with black beans, black eyed peas, cream of celery, and Spam. That was what we had, so that is what we used. It turned out great. Simplicity is sometimes best.

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