Too Damn Cold

Too Damn Cold

It is cold, too damn cold. And its not just here, its all over the central US. We are currently sitting in Kentucky, still stuck without a working transmission and its currently 9 degrees F. We have no propane, so we are relying on electric heaters to keep the RV warm. It working, barely.

On our windows, frost is forming. We have the cats back in bed with us and the heaters by us to keep at least the back of the RV warm. I closed the curtains up front to hopefully keep some of the cold in the cab area and away from our living area.

Tomorrow I’m calling the transmission shop to make sure everything is ready to go. The owner said he thinks he has all the parts needed, but I want to have someone come out and double check to make sure he has everything before we get towed there. I’m hoping that it is all ready, but I still worry about something going wrong. If everything works out, we should be on our way south by the 10th. That’s a big “if” though.

Once this is all done, we will be on the road and hopefully back to normal. We’ve been stressing out with this whole situation. First being taken advantage of and then having to correct the problems that resulted. I feel like this is my fault. I know its not really, but I trusted someone, ignored my gut, and went with the way to save money. We did not save any money though and may in fact have cost us more. We haven’t spent any money on gas since October, but we also haven’t gone anywhere. We have bought food, some supplies, and purchased some other items we probably wouldn’t have been able to afford if we’d spent all our money on gas.

But we’ve also been stuck here for going on three months. Its time to move on. This campground has not been bad, but we should be in North Carolina right now, having already been in Florida. Our neighbors have been nice, we’ve gotten rides to the store to get food and supplies, but we have done all we can do here. We want to move. We have an engine, we have tires, they need to be used.

Hopefully this time next week, we’ll be getting our transmission installed. It is supposed to warm up a little bit next week. I don’t want to be let down again, but I still worry that something new will go wrong. Here’s to hoping things go well.

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