New Air Conditioner Installed!

New Air Conditioner Installed!

And it works! I was able to get a used roof mounted air conditioner. I had it sitting on our deck for a few weeks, waiting for the ceiling assembly to arrive, then waiting to get help to get it up on the roof. Once it was all in place, it was so easy to install and it easily keeps the whole RV cool.

I turned it down last night, it got slightly warmer in here overnight but definitely not hot at all. I had no idea how easy it was to install it and make it work, and well, it took very little time. It actually took longer to get it up on the roof than it did to install the whole thing.

So now we have a cool RV. A nice, comfortable, cool RV. We have other things to work on, but I feel like things may be starting to fall into place finally. We like where we are, we still need a separate vehicle, but we are making things work.

I still want to do something about the countertop in the kitchen and pull it out, replace it with something and remove the propane stovetop. I’d like to get a small one or two burner induction cooktop instead since we so rarely use the stove anyway. That should be something easy to do though, just have to take out the stove, cap off the propane lines, tear out the countertop, pull out the sink temporarily, then cut a piece of plywood to the right size, cut a hole for the sink into it, and put it all together.

I’m not sure what we will do for the countertop, whether paint and cover it with something like pennies or broken CDs or what, and epoxy the hell out of it, but we will figure out something to make it look nice. I’ll have to work on the water heater as well. Hopefully I can replace that soon. It’ll require some rigging to make it work, but then we will have hot water finally.

I’m hoping today we can do a lot of cleaning up front and putting stuff where it belongs. Make the front area useable again. There are items up there that do not need to be inside and can be put underneath. We have space under there for them too, so maybe today I can put stuff down there. Organize, manage, make it all fit.

One day I’ll work on the electronics cabinet as well and get that in place.

And then we’ll get the coating on the top to help insulate and reflect sunlight to lower our cooling costs. Leak-proofing is almost done I think. Just a little more caulk in key areas and we will be good. Got some water proofing stuff for the awning as well, so I can spray that on there and see how it works.

And then, just maybe, we will have a fully functional home setup how we want it and with everything working and it’ll be our little home in the campground.

Here’s hoping things continue to progress upwards.

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