How the Watchdog Protected Our RV!

How the Watchdog Protected Our RV!

Tonight, our power went out. We are in Florida and there is a tropical storm hanging off the coast that caused something to happen somewhere, so all power was lost to our current campground. A few hours later, it came back on. Well, it came back on everywhere except in our RV.

I went outside to check what was the problem. The breakers were fine, the outlet seemed to be getting power, the 20amp outlet was fine. When I flipped the breaker though, the Watchdog, which normally has a big logo in white or red, was pulsing.

I couldn’t find anything on Hughes Autoformer website about a flickering light and what it might mean though, so I called the number on their website and got someone on the line right away.

I’m used to dealing with tech support, but I’m not used to the first person to answer the main line being the one who can and does help me. She asked me what was happening, asked me about how we use the Watchdog and how long we’ve had it, and finally said someone would call me back or they would send me out a new one since we had not had it that long.

At this point, I’m not sure exactly what happened with the Watchdog, but it did its job and protected our RV from any damage. Add to that the fact that I got a competent person on the phone who knew what she was talking about and I didn’t get passed half a dozen times until they could find someone to help me, and I’m a happy customer.

We’ve also been using the Watchdog with the RV Whisper, which I’ll be adding some sensors to in the near future. The Autoformer voltage booster does not have Bluetooth built in, so I can’t monitor things at the moment other than temperature, but for a few days that will be fine since the Autoformer also has surge protection built in. When we do get it replaced and back up in running, I’ll be posting about how to add the Watchdog to the RV Whisper since the new one will have a different code than the old one. That should be done in a few days when it arrives.

All in all, I’m very happy with my dealings with Hughes Autoformer. The company has been great to work with and everyone I’ve communicated with there actually knows the product well and has been so helpful.

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