Eero Wi-Fi Review

Eero Wi-Fi Review

A few months ago, I bought a Eero three-part Wi-Fi setup from Amazon to replace our aging Peplink Surf SOHO router. The SOHO was still working but had trouble covering the far reaches of our apartment, and especially outside. We don’t really need to cover outside, but it is convenient to have our Wi-Fi right at our front door when we are on the second floor.

For setup, there’s an app for that. It was simple. Stupid simple. I plugged one device into the cable modem, plugged it into power, and let it boot up. The other two I put at opposite ends of the apartment so it covers completely. I setup my Wi-Fi SSID and password, everything connected fine. It brought up a little box asking to connect to the other two remote units, which I did, and all was done. Easy peasy.

In an RV, it should be just as simple. I cannot figure out how much power they draw, but I might be able to. If I can, I’ll update this. The power cord is a USB-C cable that plugs into the backs of the Wi-Fi routers, so its possible they draw very little and can be run off 12volt batteries. Can’t confirm, but they might. With a Wi-Fi router with battery backup, that would mean you could still have internet access from something like the T-Mobile Home internet if you happen to be one of those using that.

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