To Camping World!

To Camping World!

Tomorrow we are going to Camping World. Its about an hour drive, but I think its a good idea to go there and see what we want before we go about buying an RV. We have to know the basics of what we need: Size, style, layout, etc, before we dive all in.

I found yet another RV on Craigslist. It seems there are a great many of them that show up for a small price, then are sold quickly. We don’t have the cash on hand to buy one outright at the moment, but would like the opportunity to do so when the time is right. This one I found is cheap, and I am leery of cheap. There aren’t any pictures except the one of the outside, so it is questionable at least right now. I sent an email though, so I’ll check that later and see if he has more photos to show the inside at least.

We have a few options at this point though.

First, we want a used RV. We can’t afford a new one, and wouldn’t be able to pay a monthly loan payment on one and still have food on our table. But there are a lot of used RVs out there, so that’s not a problem.

Second, we need room for a cats. What does that mean? Well, probably 26 feet at least. The hope is that we can turn the overhead bunk into a cat zone and let them do what they want up there. Zoe is pretty reclusive as it is, so we can give her a space to hide and sleep in and she should be okay. Rain and Marshall are pretty social though, so they will likely be out and about while we are driving and inside the RV.

Third, we need internet. This is something I am currently working on. In a future post, I’ll go into detail and write a tutorial about how I have it set up, but for now I’m still working on it. Its been cheap too, I’ve spent a total of $55 on it so far, and all that I need more of is an ethernet cable and someway to power it all. The ideal situation would be to have it plugged into the battery on the RV, but I’ll also get a rechargeable USB battery to power it if the RV batteries are low. Then, with everything hooked together, we will have wifi throughout the RV without any power. Since everything that would connect to it uses batteries as well, then we can still connect and be fine as long as we have cell coverage.

That’s about it for now, more tomorrow after our visit to Camping World, and if they let us film inside, we’ll have our first YouTube video as well: Beginning the Search.

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