As with all things with pets, things can be unpredictable. He had a small bite wound a couple of weeks ago, so we took him to the vet and he was on antibiotics. That didn’t help, so we took him back today. The vet said it felt like there was something hard under the wound, so they have to put him surgery and clean out the wound and remove whatever is there. It requires putting him under, so its not like its just something minor, but he should be fine. Tiffany is of course worried about him, but I’m confident that he will be fine. He’s 12, so he’s getting up there in age for a cat, but he’s in otherwise good health.

This is going to take some of our RV money to pay for though, so this might delay us a bit. Not much, but we might have to wait until closer to our final date before we get an RV. We still have time though, but it will be okay. Everything will be okay.

Living with pets is hard, but being on the road with them will be hard as well. We have to prepare for emergencies, but things like this happen and we have to deal with them. We have some savings for things like this, and I know there will be times when we need to take care of the unexpected. We love them though, so we deal with the good and the bad in equal amounts. The cats actually come first, before we take care of ourselves, and I think that is normal. They enrich our lives and we hope we do the same for them. I don’t know where Marshall would be if he hadn’t found Tiffany. He’d probably be a different cat personality-wise, especially since they have bonded so completely.

Its hard to see someone else go through this roller coaster of emotions though. I lost my cat grapejuice a couple of years ago. He went into surgery to have some teeth removed, then he stopped eating and I didn’t want to see him starve to death so I made the decision to have him put down. It was hard. Very hard. He was with me for 17 years and we had that bond that some people have with their pets. They aren’t just animals, they become part of your life, and integral part and the most important thing there. So to see Tiffany deal with the even remote threat of losing him is difficult. I don’t want to lose Marshall, I honestly don’t think we will, but to see the emotions come out, the fear and worry, its hard.

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