Helping women in need

Helping women in need

Hi Everyone, I rarely post on here, but Eric and I want to do something really special while on the road and we will add this to our patreon.

This is something we both had the same idea about and I was thrilled to hear we were on the same page.

Care packages are so important for anyone who is homeless and otherwise unable to get what they need on the streets.

Food is necessary, but the necessities such as hygiene products, socks, underwear and deodorant are things that homeless individuals don’t have access to due to price and availability to them.

What we want to do is put together care packages for women, whether they are homeless or in a shelter, women have rare access to period supplies.

A generic brand box of tampons can cost upwards of $7 and for someone who has nothing, this is very expensive.

We would like to raise money to put together packages exclusively for women’s needs with items such as washable pads such as Party In My Pants pads, 100% cotton tampons such as Aunt Flow, menstrual cups, feminine wash, natural deodorants such as Schmidt’s Naturals and clean socks and underwear.

Please consider donating to our patreon so we can make this happen while on the road.

I am a wholesaler for Schmidt’s Naturals and our goal is to be able to buy a case of deodorant and several kits of pads through Party In My Pants, this would make a HUGE difference in women’s lives.

We would also like to provide disposable tampons and pads for them.

A washable pad can last up to 5 years and that is over $1000 savings for a woman who has to buy the disposable products.

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