Final days, lots to do

Final days, lots to do

We move out on Sunday. We have a lot to do. I mean a lot. There’s packing and throwing away, selling and donating, and just getting stuff out the door. I’m not sure how we are going to get it all done, but we finally seem to have some motivation. We’ve been busting our butts for only about an hour today, but it looks better already. Well, more chaotic, but stuff has been trashed or sold, so there are empty closets at least.

Then we look forward to where we are going. I have a doctor appointment on September 1st. That is probably the last day we will be in the Oshkosh area. After that we head south. Slowly. We want to be to Florida by Thanksgiving, but we’ll probably be there earlier. At least it would be nice to have a family Thanksgiving this year.

After that, we’ll head north to my sister’s place in North Carolina. I found a great place to stop at that is really cheap, doesn’t care what your RV looks like, and I’ve got on recommendation that its a good place to stop. There’s not much within walking distance of the park, but if we stock up on food and fuel beforehand, we should be alright. There’s a national park in North Carolina not far from my sister’s house that has free camping, but its dispersed, meaning there are no hookups and not much going on around it. It will be difficult to live on battery and generator alone, but I think it will also reinforce how much we need to get solar set up.

Then, we head west. I’m not sure where exactly yet. It would be nice to end up in Arizona during the winter and I hear there is a lot of free camping out there. We might go to Quartzsite and camp for awhile for free. It would take gas and propane to run our fridge and generator, but not that much. And the land is free to stay on for two weeks, so we’d just have to move a little every 14 days and stay some more. That would be good for us anyway, we can get a new view, fill up on supplies, and be recluses again. As long as we have food and cell service, there’s no reason not to stay for awhile.

Beyond that, who knows. We’ll probably head up to the Boston area in the Spring and early summer to hang out with a friend who just moved there. We’d probably be boondocking again with no hookups, but at least we can use a real shower and stuff like that.

Then its back to Michigan, maybe over the bridge into the UP and back to Wisconsin. We ‘ll probably go west again, maybe we can spend the summer in the upper midwest and head across the northern part of the country and spend next winter in the Oregon area.

This is all subject to change though. Everything assumes nothing goes wrong, nothing changes are mind, and nothing draws us elsewhere. Its all in the air at this point.

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