One week

One week

Its been almost a week since we moved out. I didn’t sell my car for as much as I had hoped, and we needed to buy more things that I had planned. All in all though, things are going well.

We’ve been staying at the RV park in Omro, WI and are paid to stay here for another week. We still have a lot to unpack, but we’ve made a dent in things at least. We still don’t have water, but we have new pump being shipped so hopefully that will be taken care of as soon as it gets here.

We did get propane and new tires, but we haven’t used the propane yet. We have electric, and haven’t yet had the need to cook anything on the stovetop. We will probably wait until we are fully unpacked to do that. We also have to season our cast iron pans, but I’m not sure how we are going to do that without an oven or campfire.

Its raining now. There are two other RVs here that are being used and a couple that are just parked for weekend use I guess. Compared to the new models with the big swooshing paint jobs, ours looks old. But I’m pretty sure we enjoy this life as much, if not more, than someone who spent over $200,000 on a brand new RV. We are minimizing and trying to live an easier life. We have coffee, our cats, and the country to wander.

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