The People We Meet

The People We Meet

I’m thinking about adding a feature to the blog called The People We Meet. There have been many people we’ve run into in our travels, and its only been a few months, but all of them have their own stories to tell. I haven’t approached any of them yet about this, but I was thinking that it would be interesting for you, the readers, to read the stories about the people out here traveling with us.

Yesterday we met a man who was forced to living in a tent because he had some bad business deals in the past, and then had cancer that disabled him. He used to live in a trailer and travel, but was told his trailer didn’t meet the requirements for the parks, so he downgraded to a tent. He has a heater, but its still cold here, especially at night. We spoke to him for a bit, and he was a talker, but I want to go back while he’s still here and learn more. If he’s willing, I’ll tell his tale here and let the world know what kinds of things can happen by chance, and where that can lead one.

There have been many others. Many of them are older and retired, a lot of them are former military. But each has a unique story and reason for being on the road. I’ll ignore the weekenders though, they are just here for a few days and then go back to their lives in a traditional home and a 40 hour work week.

We want to talk about the ones living on the road, the ones doing this by choice or force, the ones who make their living traveling the country or sometimes staying in one place. There are parents, grandparents, retirees, young adults with children. That’s what I want to find.

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