Bite Movie Review

Bite Movie Review

BiteWhile wandering the depths of YouTube, we came across a list of the best horror movies available on Netflix. There were a few we have to watch, but one that we were able to find on Amazon Prime was Bite. You can also find it on iTunes.

As far as horror movies go, this one is not full of the modern trend towards jump scares and the like. There is no supernatural element, and the dead stay dead. It falls into horror because it is more about a “dear god what the hell is going on?” type of fear. It starts out harmlessly enough, with a couple women on a trip to Costa Rica for a bachelorette party. The bride to be gets bitten by something unknown, and everything falls apart from there.

There is no nudity, there isn’t really gratuitous violence, but you still feel a sense of dread, knowing full well what is happing to the protagonist, and knowing what will happen to everyone she comes across, but at the same time, feeling sorry for her. Its like you want her to win, and its sad in a way. Its still very much going to keep you watching as she descends farther into the pit of doom. You want her to win, you want something to happen to her bitch of a friend, you want something good to come of it all.

It is only an hour and twenty-eight minutes long, but it feels longer and more intense. It takes some cues from The Fly, especially the remake with Jeff Goldblum. It puts the protagonist in a bad position, where you aren’t sure what is happening, but you know it won’t end well. And that’s okay.

With that, I say watch it. If you like more subtle horror with a bit of disgusting thrown in, you’ll enjoy it. Its not terrifying in a sense that you will be constantly looking over your shoulder at night, but it is the kind of horror that is repulsive and a little sympathetic. You won’t be disappointed.

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