How completely failed us

How completely failed us

We don’t have a tow vehicle, just our RV. And since we don’t like to drive the RV into town if we don’t have to, we usually ask for a ride from someone else in the campground or we order stuff online to be delivered to our site. We ordered some food last week from and have had nothing but problems. This is the story of how completely failed us.

We placed the order on Tuesday and had two day shipping. It was supposed to be here Thursday. Because Walmart is a big company spread across the country, not everything came from the same warehouse. I checked the order status every day to see how things were going. Four boxes, all ordered at the same time and to the same address, arrived on Thursday. The final box, which contained the majority of our food, was delayed for an unknown reason and not supposed to arrive until Friday. Two day shipping turned into three day shipping, but I didn’t complain yet.

Friday came and went and there was no package. The last one was coming through FedEx, but since three of the four that arrived on Thursday were also FedEx, I figured they knew what they were doing.

Apparently, they did not.

I checked the status late Friday to see where our package was and found out that FedEx couldn’t deliver it because the gatehouse was closed and no one was there. Fine, they will redeliver on Saturday.

Saturday comes and goes with no package again. I check the status and now its saying that the driver couldn’t deliver it because it had the wrong address. The address that was correct on Thursday and Friday was no suddenly incorrect. I called FedEx to find out what the problem was and confirmed that they had the correct address. They updated the order, wrote in that it was the correct address and it would be delivered Tuesday now. Two day shipping had turned into seven day shipping.

Today is Tuesday and I went to check on the delivery progress. Now its saying that the package has been damaged and was being returned to the sender. There would be a replacement package sent out and it would arrive on Friday. Two shipping has now escalated to TEN day shipping.

I went on to see what the hell was going on. I chatted with someone who confirmed the address was correct, apologized once, and said the order would be split into two boxes so it would have less of a chance of getting damaged. No offer for compensation, no offer for a discount or anything, just a note that they’d get it sent out. Even when I asked why two shipping had originally turned into three day shipping, there was no explanation or excuse. Not even acknowledgement of it being a problem.

The packages are supposed to be here Friday now. This is horribly inexcusable. One order, six boxes now, and the last, largest part of the order is going to take at least ten days to arrive. I am not happy at all. We buy most of our groceries from Walmart, but that isn’t going to be happening in the future. I had my issues with Walmart in the past, but I can no longer trust nor expect them to get us food in a timely manner. And when things do go wrong, I can’t expect them to do anything to fix it.

If its not here on Friday, I’ll be pissed. Yes, part of the blame is on FedEx since the delivery driver apparently could not find the campground on Saturday (even though whoever tried to deliver it on Friday could) as well as teh fact that they damaged a box that could have been delivered five days ago.

Is the package going to be here Friday? I really doubt it. I don’t expect them to come through. Are we going to order food from Walmart in the future? Nope, not even going to bother. We might have to buy more stuff in bulk, but all of our groceries for things like staples and bulk items will be purchased from Amazon instead.

So yeah, Walmart, your two day delivery is now at least ten days, if not longer. You’ve lost our business.

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