The search for a new RV begins

The search for a new RV begins

As most of you might know, I sold my old Allegro and moved in an apartment when we found out we were having a baby. Side note: Don’t get pregnant after 40, it’s hard work. Well, we hate apartment living and are looking at RVs to move into in the relatively near future.

Things my wife has requested:

  • Working hot water.
  • Working AC.
  • Working toilet/black tank.
  • Slide outs.
  • Just in general things working.

We had no hot water the four years we were in the Allegro. Bath houses were our friend. The AC didn’t work initially, but I fixed that by replacing it. The black tank always had issues and when I sold it, it was clogged AF. I don’t know why it did that, but the buyer knew. No slide outs obviously, it was a 1988. And everything else, once it was parked, seemed fine. I dont know how its working now, having not heard from the buyer in about two years. WIsh he would have joined this group, but he never did.

He did say someone offered $8k for it, I told him to take that shit and run, I sold it to him for less than that.

But anyway, the new search.

I found a fifth wheel. It’s got a mid bunk for our son. 42” long. HUGE. No leaks. Well, it doesn’t say anything about leaks either way, so I can’t be sure.

It has one working AC and a second that needs to be replaced. But he HAS the second new one, just hasn’t installed it. I’ve done that! I can do that!

But the furniture is scaling. Like sheets of surface are peeling off them. Look ugly, need to be replaced. All of them. Not a hard thing to do, but costs money.

And the fridge doesn’t work. A full size, two door, residential fridge and it doesn’t work. So it needs to go out a window. That’s gonna suck. I’m not sure I can deal with that. I’m not sure how to get the old fridge out and get a new one in. That would be a lot to deal with.

The other problem is I don’t know where I’d store it for now. I know there are lots, but those cost money and we aren’t ready to move yet anyway. It would sit for a year or two. That would give me time to work on it certainly, but it would also cost money doing nothing.

So I’m not sure what do to at this point other than wait for something better to come along.

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