The place we have the RV stored at asked if I could move it last time I was out there. The battery was completely dead though, so it wouldn’t start at all, even with a jump. So today I went and replaced the battery, and it started up beautifully. I moved it, all was good. I might install a cutoff switch though, so I can just kill battery connections inside the cab instead of having to open up the hood and disconnect it every time we are stopped for a long period of time.

It does smell a little like exhaust though, but I knew that was a problem. I’ll be taking it in in a couple of weeks to get that checked as well as an oil change and a once over for any other problems. I’m not anticipating much, it runs fine, but I still worry that there may be some hidden danger. Once I get the oil changed, I’ll find out which oil filter and how much oil it takes, so in the future, I can do that myself, especially if we are in places that don’t have oil change for RV facilities.

Other than that, we haven’t done much. I will be selling my car at the end of July and we’ll be heading out. The only thing we absolutely need is new tires, so I may wait a bit to get the solar installed and save up some money for that so we can do it completely right. I was quoted about $6,000 to have it professionally done, and I may still do that just for peace of mind in knowing it was done right. That would take awhile to save up that much money though, so we’ll really have to pinch pennies and save money to get it done. I would just feel more secure having a reliable, experienced electrician do it in a day than having me struggle through it. Seems the logical way to go about it.

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