We currently have Florida driver’s licenses, a Wisconsin registered car, and technically, residence in Wisconsin. Why haven’t we gotten Wisconsin licenses yet? I’m not sure, just never got around to it or had the money at the right time or what.

We’ve been looking at where to be residents though for our RV travels. First we were going to use Florida. It was our home before, we have our licenses there, it would be easy. Then we were going to use Wisconsin because that is where we live now, we have doctors here, we have family here too. We checked both places for insurance and registration, insurance and doctors and everything else we could think of. We went back to Florida as our home base, and now back to Wisconsin.

So what is the plan? I think we are going to stay in Wisconsin. We’ll have an address here, we’ll register here, we’ll finally get our licenses here. Then, when we leave in under two months, we will go to boondocking locations around Wisconsin to get our feet wet and learn the ins and outs of RV living, and still be close enough to help if we need it. I’ve found a few places in the area that allow free stays for a couple of days, move on somewhere else, come to see our doctors, and then, finally, go far away.

Where do we head then? I dunno. South probably, for the winter at least. We are going to try and save up enough money to get the solar installed. We don’t have definite plans yet, but when we have enough time and money, we will go to Mt Rushmore, probably as our first major travel. Then we can go south from there and east to Florida. We will be taking our time though, and trying to avoid snow as much as possible. With the initial three month plan to explore Wisconsin, we should be able to work out the kinks and figure out what we need to change, what we need to buy, and what we need to work on in order to live fully in the RV.

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