GoFundMe Video fundraiser

GoFundMe Video fundraiser

We set up a gofundme account to raise money so we can afford some better cameras and a video set up to record while we drive. All the proceeds raised from this gofundme will go to buy the equipment. We have three USB cameras to record inside the RV and forward from the dash, one handheld Canon camera so we can take it with us and record outside the RV, a hard drive to back it all up on, and a small Windows computer to link the whole system together so I can get the video files from the cameras and edit them into a cohesive video for our YouTube channel. The grand total comes to $958 plus shipping, so if we raise $1,000 and GoFundMe takes their cut, that should leave us with exactly enough for the setup. There might be some more minor things we need as well, like longer USB cables and a way to power the computer through an inverter, but once we get the funds, we’ll throw it all together and have a better, more professional, YouTube channel. I hope that allows us to increase our production, make more frequent videos, and grow our audience. Any help is appreciated!


Bubba on the Road gets professional GoFundMe Campaign


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