Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails

We bought the Thousand Trails package and get to stay at their resorts in the Midwest and Southeast regions. It costs less than $50 a month for those two regions, and that covers most of the area we’ll be traveling in. We’ve stayed at two TT campgrounds so far, and they’ve been fine. Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

I was looking at their website, and for $90 a month for, we could stay at any of their campgrounds in the US. Right now, we are limited to 14 day stays and then have to go somewhere else for seven days. That’s not a bad deal, but with the upgrade, that changes to 21 days we can stay at one place before having to move to another park and we don’t have to wait any time to move.

Because of the seven days we have to take off, we are considering the upgrade. It would save us a lot in gas and propane since we would be stationary most of the time. The one drawback though is that there are no parks from Minnesota to Idaho, so we’d have to boondock along that route if we head to the Northwest.

When we started planning for this, we planned on moving a little bit every day, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. We are still traveling, but we like parking for a few weeks to get stuff done and be in a safe area as opposed to always parking in Walmart parking lots.

The other benefit to the upgrade is that we can reserve up to 120 days in advance instead of 60 like we have now. We could easily plan out a trip well in advance and move every couple of weeks to somewhere new. It will result in a slower pace, but that’s fine.

So that’s our plan. More stationary, but not fully stuck in one place.

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