Transmission, Part Two

Transmission, Part Two

We got the transmission back today. It was supposed to be repaired and installed on Monday. Today is Thursday. I told the mechanic to just bring it back and I’d worry about installing it. Well he did bring it back. In pieces.

We left for the store around 4pm since he had told us he was leaving his shop at 8am and it was supposed to only be a three hour drive. Figuring it’d been 8 hours since then, I assumed he was lying and not on his way at all. On the way to the store though, we drove past him and his wife as they were headed to the campground. They didn’t see us.

I was at my wits end with this mechanic. I just wanted my transmission back. He said it was fixed. Yet, when we returned to the RV, the parts were there, all disassembled. The transmission pan even has the original seal cover on it, as if it was never even used.

So I wonder, how is it that a transmission that was supposed to be completely rebuilt and working a week ago, was now in pieces and obviously never even assembled? I’m not sure what the whole story is, but I’m done with this mechanic. I don’t know what he did, but what he was telling me he did was not the whole story.

So now tomorrow, we have to find a mechanic that will come to us, assemble our transmission and make sure it works, and install it. We can’t drive to them obviously, but I don’t think we can get a tow either with our drive shaft sitting on the ground. I don’t know how much it will cost, but I really hope all the parts are here and in our possession and nothing else is broken.

We should be able to get it fixed soon. With Thanksgiving next week though, we might have to wait until after the holiday. Fortunately, the campground is having a Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, so at least we get hot, fresh turkey. This has really screwed up our holiday plans though, we had planned on being in North Carolina for Christmas, but that looks like it won’t happen now. We’ll probably be in Florida for Christmas then, if we can find a campground hat has a spot free somewhere. For the rest of the winter though, who knows? Maybe we’ll head to Texas for a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Transmission, Part Two

  1. Oliver and Mary Kay

    Hello Eric-

    Have enjoyed your blog for the shear authenticity and pace of your journey.
    My wife and I are planning on purchasing in March or April of 2018. We have been researching and checking out various manufacturers in 5th wheels.

    In August we went to Elkhart ,Indiana and visited several dealerships and 2 factories. And, we have driven up to South Dakota, Gatlinburg and Knoxville ,TN to check floor plans not around Lincoln, NE where we live. In Sept we attended RV Dreams 5 day workshop for wanna be and newbie RV folks. Very nice RV park and amenities at River Plantation RV Resort. ( Sevierville,TN)

    So sorry you are messing with that transmission !
    Of course , you don’t know me and this may sound far fetched but just consider the idea- the Tiffan company is one of the oldest most customer service oriented family owned businesses. They are so customer oriented that I bet if you showed up at their factory in Red Bay Alabama, walked into the office to say hello to the Tiffin Family .. told them you’re having a challenge with your fresh water system … they might just have you pull into a service area and trouble shoot it for you. Just seeing one of their older model Allegro’s still on the road may add some sweetness to helping you out. On their website it says” Of course , we’d love the chance to get to know you, too,so give us a call, visit one of our friendly dealers,or just stop by the office if you’re ever m Red Bay. “ Old man Bob Tiffin says, “ Our name is on the product,and that’s enough for us to fix whatever is wrong. That’s why we always say, “ Wherever you go, we go!”
    The facility has 53 bays that are available on a first come first serve basis . A campground is adjacent to the facility’s. Heck- they might be able to help you out with reconfiguring your floor plan- the cabinet mill is on the premesis- they might have some older stock our piece mill cabinetry available for affordable price. You can do this , Eric! Service center Open Monday -Friday 7am – 4:30pm 1103 Fourth St. NW, Red Bay,AL 5 min drive from the Production plant. 256-356-0261

    Breathe in some cedar or frankincense Essential oil before going into their office ! I bet Tiffany has that in her collection of Plant Therapy EO’s
    Tiffin Motor Homes. 105 2nd Street NW, Red Bay, AL 35582 256-356-8661. Parts & service 256-356-8661

    1. Thank you so much. We pretty much have the fresh water figured out. We got it working on city water but have not tried the pump yet, but with the correct valves turned on the water heater, it should work now without leaking. We do plan to go to Red Bay at some point, even if just to see what the new models look like. We’ll probably be in the Alabama area after Christmas, depending on where our travels take us, so maybe we should just swing by there for a night or two and see what they have laying around.

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