Thankskilling & Thankskilling 3 Movie Review

Thankskilling & Thankskilling 3 Movie Review

There is this movies called Thankskilling. It was followed by Thankskilling 3. There is no Thankskilling 2, but its all explained in the T3. We have watched both of them, and do not regret it. They are not quality movies, they are not children’s movies, they are not safe for anyone who is at all offended by swearing, nudity, or gratuitous violence.

But man are they fun.

Its been awhile since we watched the first one, but we saw T3 last week. The story is a typical horror plot line. There was a cursed turkey from the first Thanksgiving, and through arcane methods, he wakes up 500 years later. Which just so happens to be now. There are stupid teenagers, stupid cops, and no one ever sees through the disguises of the turkey.

Do not watch this if you are expecting a good movie. It is not. But its still worth it for its absurdity. The turkey (his name is just Turkey) goes on an all out rampage of death and mayhem, enjoying every minute of it. The teenagers do all the stupid things they always do in horror movies, and it ends with a lot of death and carnage.

Turkey himself is a bad puppet. CGI would not have made this better though, as having Turkey be a puppet and moving like he’s a puppet is part of what makes this movie so fun to watch.

Then there is Thankskilling 3. Its basically a quest movie to find the last remaining copy of Thankskilling 2, which was dubbed the Worst Movie Ever and all copies were destroyed. Well, all but one and Turkey wants it. This time around, there are many more puppets, and all are obviously puppets. Still not a children’s movie though. The puppets are rude, crass, and sometimes offensive. Still, its a fun time watching it, if only for the fact that you are sitting there in awe, trying to figure out who would actually give money to these people to produce this travesty.

Its weird. You sit there watching it, wondering, “What the hell is this?” And then it ends, and you feel a little confused as to what happened. You wonder if you wasted your time. You wonder if what you saw was really what you saw. Its dark and overly violent, but confusing at the same time. Entertaining? Yes, very much so if you like bad horror movies. It makes little sense, but its internal logic sets itself up to make a whole picture.

There is an amnesiac puppet, a bisexual alien worm, a robot thing, a rapping grandma, and the only two humans in the whole movie. Oh, and a talking automatic turkey plucking machine. Its like several writers were told to write a movie, and the lead writer took everything that had been produced and threw it into one movie. Its bizarre, but solidly built.

All in all, if you like bad horror movies, watch Thankskilling. If you want more turkey puppet entertainment, watch Thankskilling 3. When you do, come back here and let us know what you thought of it. Prepare for your senses to be assaulted though. And put the kids to bed before you turn it on. Trust me, they are not ready.

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