Coming Soon! Bad movie reviews!

Coming Soon! Bad movie reviews!

Tiffany and I have a love for cheesy horror movies. Mostly the funny ones that either are so bad they are funny, or the ones that take two animals, a natural weather phenomenon, and throw them together and make magic. We have Shudder (no, we aren’t making money by mentioning them) and we watch random movies we find there. Last up was House. It was awful. Not so bad it was good, just bad.

Before that was Hell Baby. Great movie. So we were talking today, and figured, what the hell, lets post some videos about our thoughts on movies like these. It will be niche definitely, but it will be fun. We will introduce you to the movies you aren’t sure you should bother watching. We’ll take the time, we’ll take the bullet and sit through them, and then make a short video about the movie and tell our thoughts and impressions.

We won’t do blockbuster or newer in theater movies. There are plenty of ways to find reviews of movies like that. We are going for the bottom of the barrel.

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