Taking a month off

Taking a month off

It seems lately, I’ve been budgeting for a project each month. Some large expense to buy, work on, get all set up. For November, the large expense is going to be getting a chest freezer so we can better store food, clean out our freezer, buy in bulk so we can save money. The month after that, December, I think I’m taking a break.

We can save a little money and buy smaller things we don’t need, but want. Not have that big $200 expenditure on one item and not have to have something to work on and finish that month. Just a month to work on little things inside. Clean up, organize, get things in working order, but nothing major.

After that, we have the desk, water heater, counter top, and roof. Those can wait though. We got the air conditioner working and that is fine for now. We need to save a little money and not stretch ourselves so thin. We should be back on track to getting everything paid for, caught up, and maybe buy some small things to make life easier without being a large project to do.

This campground has been nice to get things done though. I’ve had access to tools and ladders, as well as other people to help when I need it. It has given us a chance to consolidate things and get things in order, all while having something to do every day and being able to get things under control.

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