Henry Sealant Products Review Coming Soon

Henry Sealant Products Review Coming Soon

A few weeks ago, we had a visit from a Henry Company rep who dropped off some sealant products for our RV. I’ll have to get his actual title again, but he services the central Florida area and was near us, so he stopped by and chatted, explained some things about the various products, and gave us a lot to work with.

I was finally able to start the project about a week ago with an upper window that has had leaking issues. I’m working a full review, but it is taking longer than I expected simply because it has not rained at all since I applied it. This is Florida, it used to rain every single day, but for over a week now, we have not had a drop. When it rains, I’ll finally be able to test it out and post the full install results and my opinions on it.

The other products will take a little time to finish as well. On the roof, I think we are done with things that require cable to be run, so we can put a nice, new seal on the roof. Our Allegro has an aluminum roof, one solid sheet, so when we cover it with the Tropi-Cool, it should both seal it from water leaks, insulate it a bit better to reduce temperature changes inside, as well as reflect sunlight since it is white. In order to do that though, I have redo the roof AC unit and replace the gasket, but that should not be too difficult. Its just a matter of waiting for it to arrive and then putting it in place and tightening it down properly. Our AC unit drips inside when it is running on high, which I think is because I did not replace the gasket that was on there when I should have.

I also want to replace three vents on the roof before I put down the Tropi-Cool, but I may be able to start the project and have enough left over to put it over the edges of the new vents when they arrive. It should bond to itself fine, even after dried, so I can just leave a few inches of space around the old ones and layer it on thick after the vents are in place.

I’d love to get a Fan-tastic RV Vent, but well, those are expensive. I guess at a little over $100, they aren’t as expensive as I had thought, but the $300 one has a built in thermostat and rain sensor, as well as a remote to shut the lid without having to get up. It would be a nice addition, but not needed quite yet. We could add the cheaper one next month though when I buy other vents to finish the roof work and make it happen.

We also have to do some cleaning up on the roof, like removing the old caulk from the previous owners and putting a better edge on the whole thing. We have plenty of material to do it, it has been more a matter of time and getting the other pieces into place before doing the final part. I hope that it will reduce the threat of water leaks, reduce our need for so much AC inside, and just make it much more comfortable in here in general.

And that, as they say, is that.

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