Winegard Rayzar Antenna Update

Winegard Rayzar Antenna Update

I installed the Winegard Rayzar Automatic RV TV Antenna several weeks ago and usually use it a few times a week to watch over the air TV. We have not moved since we installed it, so I am unable to update on how well it works to adjust to new locations.

It has performed as expected though and we have had no issues with it not working. I had commented previously about the channels sometimes going out and after setting up TVs in other people’s RVs with the builtin stock antenna, I found the same thing happening for them. The occasional pixelation appears to be an issue with the TV signal in this area or maybe all antennas, but not something specific to the Rayzar.

The layer of Dicor used around the mount points has held up as well and there have been no leaks or issues with that. We have had many days of heavy rain and the Rayzar has maintained its function. It is basically an antenna completely enclosed in a plastic dome though, so I do not expect any issues with the weather being able to damage it.

All in all, its been a solid addition though we still watch more Netflix or Plex videos than live TV, but that’s not the fault of the antenna.

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