On hold for a bit

On hold for a bit

Bubba on the Road updates have slowed down recently and I apologize for that. I’ve been trying to get projects together to work on, with funding being a major roadblock to make that happen.

We also have a hurricane headed our way. So I mean, there’s a whole host of problems that could arise with that if it hits us.

If Sleipnir is damaged or even destroyed, I have no idea where our path goes after that. We could buy a new RV or we could just get an apartment and go back to the sticks and bricks living. If that happens and we no longer have an RV, BotR will continue in a different form. I’m still all for the smart home tech in a home, be it mobile or static.

It would be a huge stretch to buy a house, but we should be able to afford an apartment. While that limits some of what we can do with smart tech, it opens up new opportunities. I’m sure there is a large audience of people who rent, but still want smart tech in their homes. That is our most likely path in the future.

As for where that apartment is, we also have no idea. We still want to live near family, which means either Florida, Wisconsin, or North Carolina. Florida and Wisconsin are the top of the list. We would like to avoid hurricanes in the future, but we also don’t want to deal with a ton of snow. So there are options, drawbacks and positives.

Of course, if this hurricane season goes by with no damage, we can work on projects that can apply in an RV and still be used in a stationary home. Eventually, we will move into a building of some sort. That building, whether single- or multi-family, will be smart.

Bubba on the Road will be changing in the future, but both this blog with all its reviews and walkthroughs, and the future Bubba site will continue to be available and linked together.

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Eric is a dedicated technophile and strives to make things in Sleipnir as innovative, simple to use, and convenient as possible. He has worked a variety of jobs, from construction and manufacturing to working as a civilian in a law enforcement agency. He is an avid tabletop gamer and builds websites in his spare time.

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