5 Beautiful Camping Destinations In America

5 Beautiful Camping Destinations In America

For a truly relaxing vacation and the chance to soak up the natural world, nothing beats a camping trip. America has so many beautiful destinations to choose from; so here come a few choices to get you inspired.

1. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is part of Mount Desert; this stunning natural beauty spot is made up of thousands of lakes and rivers, and 16 million+ acres of lush and enchanting forest. The park boasts three scenic campgrounds including Schoodic Woods, Blackwoods and Seawall. Acadia Park protects an area of coastal Maine; you’ll find this picturesque area where the wild Atlantic meets the north woods.

When visiting the park, be sure to check out Bar Harbor, where you’ll find the opportunity for both sailing tours and whale-watching. When tides are low, you can walk across Bar Island Bridge to the scenic and secluded Bar Island.

2. Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

You’ll find Assateague Island on the Atlantic Coast, just off the Delmarva Peninsula. The island is constantly altered by high winds and powerful waves, it’s a barrier island that’s always shifting. The island stretches on for 37 miles, an alluring terrain of forests, salt marshes, and sand dunes. The wild horses here are the descendants of horses brought to the island by colonists in the late 17th century. There are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy here, including kayaking, windsurfing, beachcombing, and hiking. Having adventures amongst nature is just about one of the best reasons to travel the world!


3. Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree National Park spans almost 800,000 acres of desert terrain, its home to a huge variety of wildlife including kangaroo rats, coyotes, bighorn sheep, and jackrabbits. The park is named after the tree species of the same name, famous for its peculiar appearance. At Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll find plenty of trails for activities such as horseback riding, biking, and hiking. If you love a bit of stargazing, there’s no better place than these clear desert skies.


4. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The landscapes of Badlands National Park are full of spires, canyons, and mazes to explore. The fossils of saber-toothed cats and three-toed horses are just a few of the interesting fossils you’ll find here. As well as a national park, there are national monuments including ‘Wind Cave’ and ‘Jewel cave’. These are some of the longest caves in the whole world! You’ll probably have already seen one of the most famous landmarks of the Black Hills; Mount Rushmore is close by. Here you’ll catch a glimpse of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, carved into the stone. Badlands is considered one of the best National Parks in the USA.


5. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park consists of around 400 square miles of awe-inspiring mountains, surrounded by rich forests, crystal clear lakes, and wildlife. As you explore the park, you’re likely to spot elk wandering along with you. For biking and horseback trails, there’s plenty of choices. It’s advisable to visit the park in a smaller RV, as there are a few restrictions on larger vehicles (depending on the campsite). RVs are an excellent option to access beautiful camping spots and relax in your very own home away from home. If you don’t already own a camping vehicle, take a look at RV Sales at Kirkland RV. The company has a great range of both used and new vehicles at affordable prices.

With Covid-19 restrictions ongoing, camping travel options are the best way to take a vacation this year!

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