The Housing Market

The Housing Market

Right now, we are saving to move into something more permanent than an apartment. I look at houses in a particular area, checking to see what has become available, what has sold and for how much. Frankly, it’s depressing. The housing market sucks right now. I don’t know that it is ever changing.

What used to be affordable for one person working a full time job is now unattainable. Two people with income can’t escape poverty and it seems designed that way. I won’t get political this time around, but everyone in power is to blame. Corporate profits and keeping the wealthy wealthy, seems more important than housing the lower and middle class. It sucks that it’s this way, and it’s hard to imagine anyone cares sometimes.

So I’ve been looking at RVs lately. Again. I’m not sure I can ever afford a house, but I could afford an RV, put it back in the campground we were at before, and work my old job again. I was in better shape, I had something to do, there was a sense of community there. It was a nice place, even if I occasionally had issues with residents or management.

The manager was a good guy, but he was a little blunt and came across harsh. That intimidated some people, but I know how to work with him and work for him, so it’s not a problem for me. He even called me back to work on some wifi stuff well after I had moved out and quit, so I know he still respects and trusts me to do a good job. He gave me the corporate credit card to use myself, so I can’t say he doesn’t trust me to not screw him over.

We do have to worry about what it means for our son though. Do I work in the morning, homeschool in the afternoon, and socialize in the evening? Do we send him to public schools nearby, though I’m not sure which school district that would be in? I’d like to homeschool him, but there are some aspects about living in an RV that are a little scary for a child with special needs we’d have to look out for.

I know Tiffany and I can raise him well and teach him all he needs, especially if we have a helpful curriculum. And with so many someone permanent people at that campground, I have no fear he’d be liked and treated like family. With the amount of people coming and going to, he might be able to learn from people with more worldly adventures to speak of.

Maybe one day we could even afford a truck to tow our trailer and travel a little. It wouldn’t have to be far, but it would be nice to go somewhere once in awhile. Maybe take a summer off work to go somewhere new. Let our son explore a little with us. Or I could get a campervan and work on that, leave Tiffany at home for a long weekend and go to a state park, just me and my son. That would give us a project to work on, new schools to learn from, and just some time outside, just him and I.

But I still worry. I worry we’ll never be able to afford a house. I worry nothing will change and well stuck in this damn apartment forever. Always with new neighbors we can’t stand. More trash in the walkways. More noise, more smoke, more drugs and nothing ever getting better.

I need to escape that somehow.

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