21 Days to go

21 Days to go

Well we have exactly three weeks before we move into the RV. I’m not sure we are prepared for that. We have a lot of stuff to go through, a lot to get rid of, and we still have to sell my car.

Today we are planning on going through the second bedroom and cleaning it out. Its mostly full of Eric’s crap, books, games, and random stuff that got dumped in there that we didn’t have a place for. If we can go through that, we’ll be better off. It’ll take a lot of downsizing though. What do we need, what can we throw away, and what do we want to sell?

After that, we move on to the bedroom, then bathroom and living room, and finally kitchen. So all in all, we should be done by the end of this week. We have a couple appointments, but not many, so it shouldn’t be hard. Motivation is difficult though. Its like we know the end is coming fast, but getting it taken care of is still hard. It is a lot of letting go of things, throwing away crap we don’t need and shouldn’t have ever kept, stuff like that. So we’ll see.

We make have to make another trip to the half price books store to sell more books since we have a ton of those to get rid of. It is not as profitable as trying to sell them individually, but a hell of a lot easier.

That’s the plan. See you soon, on the road.

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