Hard countdown

Hard countdown

We are on limited time. We went out to the RV today to drop some items off, but we still have a long way to go. We have an apartment full of stuff we have to get rid of. Some of it, my dad is taking to deliver to Tiffany’s parents, thankfully. Some of it we have to set up a time for the local charity shop to come pick up so we can get rid of it. Some of it is worth next to nothing and will be thrown away. Much of it is going with us in the RV.

Tomorrow, we have a few meetings with friends and relatives. After a breakfast with an old friend, we are going to go out to the RV and clean the hell out of it. We have to scrub down cabinets, put paper down in them, and then we can start filling them up. That will help a lot, I think. Then we can start taking a lot more out to the RV and leave us with the remainder of stuff to just use up and get rid of.

We still have my car to sell. I had one hit that seemed good, but they backed out. Then I got the typical craigslist scam where they want me to let them know where they can send the money order so they can have their third party pick it up. They’ll pay me full amount even! And in crappy English. I’m sure it was legit, really.

Other than that, we are faced with a deadline. We have about two weeks to move out, then we are on our own. It shouldn’t be a problem, we’ll have a little work to do before hand, and we’ll have to clean the apartment after we leave, but all in all, it should be fine. If we sell my car before we leave in the RV, we’ll have to rely on friends and family for rides, but that is looking less and less likely to happen. If I can’t sell my car online, I’ll have to sell it to a dealership, but then I lose out on a lot of money I could be making. Its still enough for everything we need, but it means we can’t get some of the things we want. Not horrible, but not the best situation.

That’s about it for now. Progress is happening, and it will pick up in the next few days, but we should be fine and able to get everything done.

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