How the Transmission Issue Went Downhill

How the Transmission Issue Went Downhill

Posted a new video of me explaining the whole story of how we ended up stuck in Kentucky. Its longer than most of our videos, but full of juicy details of what not to do when an RV part goes bad.

How the Transmission Issue Went Downhill

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  1. […] The YouTube channel is another way to increase our audience, but at this point, I’m not sure its worth it for all the time it takes to make videos. We haven’t really done anything exciting yet and we have been stuck in one spot for three months, so we haven’t updated anything except once to talk about the issues with the transmission. […]

  2. […] since last Thanksgiving. We were supposed to go up there for Christmas last year, and well the transmission BS threw a wrench in our plans and we still have not made it up there. If he manages to schedule it […]

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