On the road again

On the road again

Its the evening of Tuesday, January 9th. It looks like we will be on the road again in about 48 hours. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I can’t help it. The transmission mechanic called a few minutes again and would like to work on the RV tomorrow since it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees out. I told him I didn’t think we could do that since we have stuff to pack up and move, have to get the cats locked up, have to take care of things around here before we leave. So instead, we’ll get towed there on Thursday morning.

I asked him how long it would take to install everything and he said he could probably do it in two or three hours, but shouldn’t take more than four. I’m hoping he’s true to his word. This has been a pain in the ass to get everything taken care of, so if we can get towed there oN Thursday, get it installed, have it paid for, and make sure everything is working, then we’ll be leaving Thursday night before the new snow comes on Friday and the temperature drops.

I want so badly for this to be true. We’ve been dealt a lot of crap with this transmission issue, so I’m reluctant to get my hopes up, but I’m still wanting this to work out. He said he has the parts, and it is supposed to be really nice out on Thursday as well as tomorrow, so it should be okay. We also don’t want to spend the night in the parking lot of a mechanic, so that is why I am trying to get us towed out Thursday morning. It won’t take long to get us there, it is about a ten minute drive from where we are now, but they might have to do a little work to secure everything underneath the RV and make sure it can be towed properly.

We’ll be going with the same tow company that brought us here 3 months ago. They were easy to deal with, did the job right, and we had no issues with them. We may even have the same drivers tow us to the shop. I hope they can just pull us out of our spot directly instead of having to hook it up to a smaller vehicle and dragging it out far enough for the real two truck to set up, but I’m not sure. I don’t know how to move a vehicle without a transmission, let alone something as large as ours.

So yeah, excited to be moving, but still wary of getting too hopeful. It’ll be nice to get out of this campground and hopefully be on our way south again. Its been far too long.

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