Time Management and Living in an RV

Time Management and Living in an RV

Today is a cold and rainy day in Alabama. By all rights, this should give us time to take care of things inside the RV and get back into proper shape. But as can be difficult even in a traditional home, we deal with issues with time management and living in an RV. For starters, its so easy to go outside usually. Today is not one of those days. We have a tendency to nest when we get to a campground and go outside as much as possible, leaving the inside to fester and get cluttered. Today, we’ll work on cleaning but we have got to figure out a better way to do things.

All to often, we live like we are on vacation, even though we are not. We have laundry, dishes, vacuuming to do, but we need to actually do those things instead of sitting inside on our computers or watching TV. With Tiffany having issues with insomnia again, its hard to push her to get up before noon and get things done, and usually once she does get up, she’s in such pain she can’t do much for awhile or at least until the medication bandaids kick in.

I would love to say we’d do dishes every night before bed, do a load of laundry every day to get it taken care of, but in reality, it doesn’t happen like that. We seem to work best in spurts, and that’s not productive. Why do everything in one day when we can do a little each day and keep it under control?

I think it would be best if we had a schedule of tasks we had to do every day and actually did them every day. Things like dishes need to be done every single day or we end up with a dirty, smelly mess, just as we would in a house. The only difference here is that we don’t have a dishwasher to throw everything into, we have to do it all by hand. The same is true of our laundry, we have a very small clothes washer and can do one load a day and that should in theory be enough to keep us on top of things. However, we end up making a big pile of clothes and doing it all at once, often times in a laundromat or at a relative’s house. If we would just do one load every day, whether in the morning or at night, we could reduce the amount of clothes we need to have on hand, reduce the amount of dirty laundry piling up, and live in a much more peaceful environment.

We also have the issue where we have not cleaned off our couch since we moved in. Its either cat carriers, random appliances, or just boxes of stuff we don’t know what to do with yet that ends up on the couch. If we had space on the couch, we’d sit out in the living room area and watch TV or play retro video games, but instead its always full fo something. While we have the next couple of days to sit inside and out of the rain, I’m going to make it my goal to clean things up and make space so we can actually use our couch to watch tv instead of always doing it in bed.

I have reverted my Raspberry Pi to be a Plex Media Server instead of a RetroPie box, but since the microSD card is fine with all the data on it, I’m going to leave it stored away so I can just plug it in when we get the funds to get a new Pi and can set it up as a gaming computer.

So the goals today: Dishes, Laundry, pick up debris and clutter, clean off the couch. That should be enough to keep us busy. We will also be getting the tools to unclog the black tank as well today, so I should be able to finally drain the black tank and we can use the toilet again. Its been a trying time.

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