Anxiety and Getting Repairs Done

Anxiety and Getting Repairs Done

I have anxiety. Most days it is tolerable, especially with medication. Today we are getting towed to a mechanic shop, staying there overnight, and getting work done tomorrow. My anxiety is through the roof. I know we don’t have to really do anything, but its still a lot of pressure on my shoulders to get things taken care of. Anxiety is not a very subtle mental illness, but at some times, it can be debilitating.

For repairs, we are getting the exhaust repaired, the windshield wipers repaired, and figuring out why its not getting enough fuel. I have a feeling that part at least is something simple like the fuel filter needing to be cleaned or probably replaced. The exhaust though, I am hoping they can do it all tomorrow. We originally had an appointment for the 7th, so I assume they have everything they need on hand to replace all the damaged parts, but I can’t know for certain. Assuming we get there before they close tonight, I’ll talk to the mechanic to make sure we can get everything done tomorrow.

We want to be in Florida on Saturday. We have a place to park for a few days and we’ll be spending Easter with family, so we finally get real food again. We’ll have to stock up on things like bottled water, toilet paper, paper towel, and food that doesn’t require refrigeration. That should be easy. This month I am going to try and buy all the food we need at the beginning of the month and make it last the whole month. We need to get back on a budget and make things work financially for us. It would help if we could make some extra money through affiliate links and Google AdSense, but so far that seems to be pennies a day, if anything at all.

My anxiety is also strained because of our tax return. I filled it out incorrectly the first time and they send me some paperwork to fill it out. I filled it out and instead of adding money to our refund like they should have, they subtracted. So I had to fill out an amended return and will have to mail that in as soon as we are near a post office. Once we get that, we’ll have some disposable income for a change, so we can get some things taken care of that we’ve been waiting on. I hope we can get an air conditioner with that money since we’ll be staying in the southeast for the summer and it gets hot there. We survived 94°, so we can handle 80s, but if we are going to be parked at a campground all the time with free electricity, we might as well use it.

Coping with Anxiety

I’m not very good dealing with anxiety. In fact right now, I’m on the verge of a panic attack again. I have taken my medication, but it doesn’t seem to be helping very much. I’m not sure what else to do. I need to make a call and get a tow truck on its way, and then get to the mechanic, and then sit for the night. I know what I need to do, but getting it done is the hard part. Its like a wall in front of me with things behind it that I know I need to do, I just dread doing them. I have to start somewhere though.

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  1. We’ll make it through, my love.

  2. Try CBD oil!! Love the stuff and it’s legal in all 50 states. I use 3000mg/60ml. Disabled, low income, and veterans can get 40% off – the best discount off the least expensive CBD around! (No, I am not affiliated with them, other than a fan!!)

    1. Tiffany and I both use CBD oil, I usually use it for anxiety, she uses it for chronic pain and anxiety. She is actually working on some reviews for some different CBD products on her blog at

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