The Off Grid Cabin Project

The Off Grid Cabin Project

While we do not have anything in place yet to live off grid, we are working on a plan to make it happen. This is the outline of upcoming articles about how we need to assemble everything to make it happen.

For now, it is a list. As I add each subsequent article, the list will be changed to links to each article. Follow along as we plan the building and eventually build it.

We will begin making videos again for this project, once it is underway. Follow us at our YouTube channel as we go slowly along the path to self-sufficiency and independence and begin our new life off grid.

Outline of Off Grid Cabin Project

  1. Determine Needs
    1. Water (Storage tanks, Water Treatment, Drill well)
    2. Waste (Garbage, Human waste)
    3. Electric (Solar, batteries, inverter, DC vs AC, smart home, generator)
    4. Heat
    5. Shelter (Cabin, Storage building)
    6. Food (Purchased, Garden, Livestock, Honeybees)
    7. Income (sell animal products, sell natural products, sell book, affiliate links from botr)
    8. Communication (Internet/cell phones)
    9. Vehicle (Hauling and normal travel)
  2. Find land (Central/South Midwest)
    1. Buy supplies to build (determine all supplies needed)
      1. Lumber
      2. Siding
      3. Roofing/gutters
      4. Flooring
      5. Interior walls
      6. Concrete/Piers
      7. Nails/screws
      8. Interior
        1. Cabinets/countertops
        2. Plumbing
        3. Appliances
        4. Electrical/networking wires
        5. Furniture
    2. Buy Tools to build
      1. Power tools
      2. Hand tools
      3. Backups
      4. Power to charge
      5. Off road golf cart/4wheeler
    3. Transport to site
      1. Trailer
      2. Vehicle
    4. Build
      1. Something to live in while building
      2. Build outhouse for temporary use
      3. Build battery storage/power center
      4. Lay foundation/piers
      5. Build floor
      6. Build walls and roof
      7. Add exterior sheeting
      8. Siding
      9. Shingles/metal roof
      10. Wiring
      11. Insulation
      12. Finishing

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