The Next RV Project

The Next RV Project

Otherwise known as Step Two: The RVening. Or something like that.

We’ve sold our 1988 Tiffin Allegro. It’s moved on to new owners who are living in it full time and haven’t contacted me in over a month with questions. I assume that means all is going well now that they have customized it to their liking.

We are no longer living in an RV either, but in a rented apartment. Does that mean we’re done with RVing? Not really, just taking a pause to work on the next juncture.

We are also expecting a child, so you can bet I’m going to be taking that child camping in some form or another, whether in a van, a travel trailer, or a tent if we have to. We will travel though, I guarantee you that.

The details are still being worked out though.

Even before we sold the Allegro, I wanted to build a campervan. Not to live in certainly, it would be too small for us, especially two adults and a baby. But instead, just to travel in a way we never got to do in the Allegro. We wanted to see places, go across the country, travel, and we never really did.

We left Wisconsin, headed south, then back north a bit, then ended up in Florida not far from where we are now. We never even crossed the Mississippi River. Never saw the Grand Canyon or biggest ball of twine or herds of buffalo on the Great Planes.

That is going to change.

We can do one of two things: buy a truck and trailer with the trailer already finished or buy a van and customize it. If we could buy a larger SUV that can tow a trailer, that would work too since we could use it as a vehicle most of the time and keep it ready to use and not sitting for long periods of time. That is probably the best way to go about it since a campervan would not be used nearly as much as I’d hope.

I will have to look into ways tow a trailer with an SUV and figure out what we can do, what we can afford, and what we can plan for. With an SUV, we can use it all the time, keep maintenance going on it, oil changes, etc. It will be our main vehicle that we travel in to the store. And then when needed, hauls our little trailer that we keep stored somewhere for long weekend trips.

I would still like to boondock though, which means adding solar panels and batteries to the trailer for being in the middle of nowhere and not needing to hook up to power. If I can manage to fit a composting toilet in, no black tank either! We would still need fresh water, but far less.

It doesn’t end there

If I could find a place to live off grid, whether in an RV or in a cabin in the woods, I would do it. Having a child and having to raise him though makes that a little more difficult. Not impossible, but difficult, especially since our child will more than likely be special needs. But if we can get land, a bit out in the country or mountains, and build a house there with a garden to feed ourselves for the most part, that would be an ideal endgame.

I want to be there, I just don’t know how to make it happen yet. Maybe one day the finances or luck will fall into place and it’ll happen. For now, RVing on long weekends will have to do!

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