Loss and looking ahead

Loss and looking ahead

Since most of you are already friends with us on Facebook, you probably already know that we had to put Marshall down on Thursday. It was a sad day, he was hiding, wasn’t eating much, and his wound looked infected again. We couldn’t afford to put him through more surgery and didn’t want him to suffer any more, so we made the decision to let him go.

It was hard, especially on Tiffany, as we were both struggling to do everything we could to make him healthy again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. He was peacefully put to sleep and buried under my mom’s pear tree.

Now we have to deal with the other two cats, Zoe and Rain. Rain seems fine, she’s been more attentive to Tiffany the past few days, but Zoe is still in hiding and only comes out to eat. We aren’t sure what to do with her yet. She was feral when Tiffany got her, and never really got out of that mindset. She has never been a cuddly cat and runs away from us when we get near. One thought was to put her in the crate we got for Marshall, its plenty big enough, and feed her and sit near her and give her treats to show her we aren’t the bad guys.

We will be prepping the RV so the cats cannot get into places they shouldn’t. Mostly we need to put up some sort of barrier under the dashboard so they can’t get into the wiring there. I think I might try something with chicken wire or some sort of metal mesh that we can staple in place that they can’t get through or around. That will be the project this week. Other than those small spots, there aren’t really any places they can get into.

We also have to build something for their litter box. I think I’m going to put it in one of the boxes under the seat for the dinette. Its big enough, and we could either remove the door or put in a hole they can go through so they can get into it, without it causing too much of a disturbance for us.

We also have a lot of stuff to get rid of still. As hard as it was, I sold a bunch of my gaming books this weekend. I have sentimental attachments to them, but I have them all as PDFs, so I can still read through them and get the ideas and rules I need. There’s something nice about having physical books though, but in the end, we can’t waste the space or weight on a library of books I rarely or never read.

So that’s all for now. We will hopefully be getting out to make a new video this week, but its been a slow down time at the moment while we adjust and deal with the loss.

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