Nearly Required Gadgets for RV Living

Nearly Required Gadgets for RV Living

There are a few gadgets we find absolutely necessary for living in an RV. Some are cheap, some are a bit more expensive, but all have their uses and fill a need that we sometimes didn’t even know we needed to fill. Here’s the list of the top items we purchased for our RV and Amazon links so you can purchase them yourself.

Camco Pop-a-Plate

Starting the list out with the least expensive, this one is a simple tool that has been helpful, stays out of the way, and just plain works. The Camco Pop-a-Plate is a small, round plastic cylinder that hides up under the cabinet. It holds paper plates, about 100 of them, and makes them easy to grab one or a couple while cooking and can be refilled easily. It is pretty cheap too at around $8, easy to install with just a couple of screws, and simply hides under the cabinet out of the way. We bought ours a few months ago and use it all the time.

SureCall Fusion2Go RV Cell Signal Booster

A cell booster is invaluable. I did a review of the SureCall Fusion2Go RV 2.0 and it has saved us many times. Its a bit more expensive than some of the stuff on the list, but its well worth it. We have been in areas where we barely had any signal, and the booster increased it to the point that we had useable signal instead of nothing or barely anything. It was easy to install as well and is literally setup and forget. I haven’t had to tweak any settings or do anything to it other than turn it on and it boosts the signal for our cell modem tremendously.

Portable Mini Washing Machine

For laundry, we got the small Giantex Compact Washing Machine. It has two compartments, one for washing clothes and one for spin drying, and it has come in very useful. Instead of carrying our dirty laundry to the facilities once a week, we can do a load or two a day in our RV and not have to worry about change for the machines, dealing with other people doing their laundry the same time as us, or even the hassle of hauling it a quarter mile to the laundry room. Since we use the showers in the campsites, we just put ours in our shower and let it drain down the tub drain and not worry about running extra pipe to take care of the waste water.

Bissell Stick Vacuum

There are many varieties of small vacuums, but we chose this one for its price and size. It also has a removable stick so it can be used as a handheld, and it has two attachments for different types of flooring. The wide mouth does not work that well, but we also have a lot of cat hair to deal with. For under $30, though, its a nice product that hasn’t let us down yet.

Okay, so this one isn’t a physical product and we get no affiliate income from mentioning them, but I have to explain how wonderful is. Basically, its a bunch of food and household products without the name brands. Its also all organic and non-GMO food. And everything is $3 an item, though some products come with more than one item per $3. For example, some bags of chips are 2 bags/$3. We’ve ordered from them a few times and haven’t had a bad product yet. Its not a way to get 100% of your groceries since you can’t get refrigerated items, but it does fill a gap and makes shopping easier when you can order a bunch of food and have it delivered and it tastes great to boot. They also have a yearly membership for under $40 that includes more items and free shipping on everything.

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