Camping Could Be Your Only Travel Option This Year

Camping Could Be Your Only Travel Option This Year

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Summer breaks, vacations and holidays tend to be the highlight of many of our years. They’re something that we look forward to – a step away from the humdrum routine of day to day life where we can focus on having fun and enjoying ourselves rather than other responsibilities in our life, such as work. But this year, travel has changed. The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic means that many of us are realistically unable to leave our countries of residence in order to spend time overseas. We may even not be able to spend time in accommodation in our resident countries. The contagious disease has caused countries all over the world to limit access to their borders, implement quarantine periods (usually of two weeks) when people do enter the country and to encourage residents to stay six feet apart from others at all times, while avoiding spending time in others’ properties – this can include hotels, rented accommodation and more. So, you may be thinking you won’t get your summer holiday this year. But one option that could see you get away for awhile in a safe manner is camping. If your country of residence will allow this, now could be a great time to start planning your camping trip!

How Camping Can Work

Camping is a simple way to spend time away from home without necessarily having to come into contact with others. If you have an RV, in particular, you are self sufficient and will be able to provide yourself with transportation and your own accommodation without having to use shared facilities with others. You can keep to yourself and have all of the amenities you need, from shelter to a bed, kitchen, shower and toilet. You can simply drive to your chosen destination and spend some time away from home while maintaining much more than a six foot distance from anyone who doesn’t live in the same household as you! If this sounds good to you, start browsing campers for sale and settle on a reliable model that ticks all of your boxes.

Choosing Somewhere to Visit

When it comes to choosing a camping location, it’s a good idea to stay somewhere relatively near to home. Find a local beauty spot and settle on this. This way, if you do need to get home at any point, you can. You will also limit the spread of anything that you could be carrying to your local area which you would be engaging with while going to the store and completing other necessary tasks anyway.

Choosing Company

Of course, if you’re going to be sharing a camper with someone, they need to live in the same household as you. This will limit the spread of any illness, but can ensure that you’re not traveling alone and have some good company on your trip!

As you can see, camping could be the ultimate solution to travel this year. We all need a bit of a break and this could be a good and safe way to go about things!

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